It started with an ordinary conversation about stories. Stories of successful women we read as kids. It wasn’t an easy conversation. Naming the women we did learn about was a challenge, and those stories have yet to be told in full.

We want to change this. We want to celebrate the stories of women, and we want to celebrate female models with today’s children. They deserve to know that all over the world, women have been achieving greatness, in their own inspiring ways.

So, how do we do this?

What we do not lack today are technology and the connections they enable. They bring us closer; they draw us into worlds we haven’t seen. That’s why we decided to combine storytelling and Augmented Reality technology, to engage young readers, to help them interact with the stories, to add even more fun to reading.

TiffinTown Books seeks to embody creative learning and more. Turning the lives of diverse women into beautifully illustrated children’s books, we hope to promote the stories we missed as children—different stories.

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