What Is Tiffiners Magazine

Tiffiners is our quarterly women-centered eMagazine for the curious young reader. Each issue adds context—and plenty of fun—to our women’s diverse journeys. In addition to surprising and important facts about our diverse women, the magazine also showcases children who are changing the world in their own ways. With animations and interactive content, the emagazine is both educational and entertaining.

Animations and Interactive Content

Who doesn’t love intriguing facts and exciting stories? But we’ve decided to jazz things up a bit. Each issue of Tiffiners features animated and interactive content to help children engage with what they are reading.

Varied Topics

With so many things to learn about each woman, there’s always a wide range of topics for the young reader to dive into. Quirky trivia, practical guides, visual showcases, historical stories… Every page is different in our eMagazine!

Featuring Leaders of Tomorrow

Changing the world is a big task, but there are things that each of us can do, both on our own. and in unison. Driving change is not a privilege reserved for particular generations—it is not bound by age. This is why we devote part of every Tiffiners magazine to highlighting the achievements and stories of children who are shaping the world in their own remarkable ways.

Coming Soon: Issue One

Let’s follow Josephine, Julia, and Ruth for our first outing. Learn those 20s dance moves, discover just how glorious pandas are, follow the history behind Chinatowns, and get dizzy with the tangles of accidents and encounters that brought these women in contact with some very cool cultural figures.

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